22 thoughts on “Facebook Disabled

  1. wow its an amazing photo…so sorry they are so stupid. my belly shot was deleted on the old style. why cant people just not look if they are so prude about things.

  2. Thank you Tara, I had a belly shot removed last year also that my husband (and fellow photog took) I understand if Facebook wants to keep it clean and that’s great, but if they are going to do that they need to actually REVIEW everything they remove. They also can’t remove something like this and leave the photos that ARE sexually explicit or containing inappropriate nudity. I just wish I at least had a warning 😦

  3. I had mine suspended because of a gay photo and then they covered their a** by stating it was that baby face one that from afar looks like a breast, either way….
    Both photos were removed but when I threatened them to go viral with the issue amazingly my photos returned except the baby one.
    I’m sorry to hear about your issue, and I hope this get resolved soon. Facebook is becoming highly ridiculous that someone needs to wake up those employees on the other end.
    I never knew being a mother (or in my case a gay mother) is grounds for suspension of an account and loss of photos.
    Best of Luck Jillian.

    P.S. I love the photo, your baby is adorable.

  4. This is a beautiful photo. Although I don’t agree with their opinion, why couldn’t they have sent a note saying it was reported and you have 24 hours to change your picture? That is ridiculous. I am so sorry!

  5. I am so sorry this has happened to you…I am seriously so sad for you right now and I’ve shared this on multiple groups and my photography page as well as my own personal page….

  6. So sorry this happened to you. It’s pretty ridiculous, first that they would shut you down and secondly that they would do it without notification. Beyond dumb. They need to get this type of thing in check. Hopefully they will put you back up quickly.

  7. One thing you can do as a temporary measure to keep your fanpage active is to have your husband post news or announcements on the page. granted those posts won’t show up in our newsfeeds, but anyone who goes directly to your page will be able to read the posts

  8. That’s complete crap. I’ve seen/heard of so many artistic photos resulting in banned accounts, yet the sexually explicit photos (ie man between the woman’s legs) remain. The only thing I can think of is that someone actually reports the photograph in question and the original account that posted it gets the axe. Makes absolutely ZERO sense. Pictures of oral sex are “ok” but a pregnant woman or a mother and child in a natural state are not. FB authorities need to pull their heads out of their asses!

  9. Wow, that is just so wrong. Teenage girls are posting half-naked pictures of themselves, but that’s okay. However, a beautiful picture of a mother and a baby is unacceptable? That’s utter bull.

  10. While I’m very sorry this happened to you, I don’t think you should assume that your account got disabled because of that picture. “My picture with my baby shows my bare back and is the only reason I can come up with that I woke up to a disabled Facebook account this morning.”

    Is there any way you can find out which picture for sure was in violation? Maybe it was a legit picture they had every right to remove? If they did disable your account because of this exact picture, then by all means raise Hell because there’s nothing wrong with it! I just think you should get your facts straight before making too big of a deal about this (ie: doing a radio interview about it)

  11. I agree with what you are saying, and I had absolutely no idea that this would even blow up. My intention was to share with my friends and fellow photogs that I know, I had no idea so many would share etc.
    I have not posted any other photos recently that violate any terms. I also have had all things private for only my friends to view until I switched to the timeline a day before this happening. After switching I posted this photo as my cover photo, which is now available for anyone to see (although yes I know friends can report you also) and shortly after was disable for posting nudity.

  12. As well, if they did try and say it was due to another photo, I have NOTHING on my profile that is in any comparison to the “breakfast” photo or a “severe violation” that would justify my account being disabled without warning .. (and photos like that STILL remaining after being reported multiple times)

  13. This is all just so sad. What a complete mess. I would do something about it too even if it was major. That’s just ridiculous! Its a beautiful picture.

  14. This is the saddest and most ridiculous thing I have seen ever! It is an amazing photo and not one of sexual orientation at all… How can anyone think that this is anything more than a mother and her child in a beautiful photo?? It’s more so disturbing since we have most likely all seen the photos of some of the most disgusting things and more sexually explicit on FB then anywhere in the world. I know I have personally reported photos for more nude men and women on FB then I had ever seen before ever!! Come on we all had to warn each other of these photos, but a mother and child gets shut down!! Where is this right in anyway?? Very sorry to hear this happened to you at all.. Best wishes, always here to help if I can!!

  15. I can’t believe such a beautiful photo made a whole page be disabled but the Raven Marie pictures have her completely topless with “stars” over her nipples… Almost as bad as people fussin over women breastfeeding in public!

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