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Self Portrait.. (almost) 36 Weeks Pregnant :)

I wanted to do this photo through my entire pregnancy and finally gave it a shot. Due to where I had to photograph it I was limited with the extra counter and not a wide enough lens but at least got the concept regardless.. so not my exact vision, but something fun anyways 😛

Krystal & Calvin | Bancroft, Ontario Wedding Photography

I’m not quite sure how this post ended up being so big but here are is the lengthy post of photos from the wedding we traveled back to my hometown to shoot. Congratulations Krystal and Calvin, you certainly had one beautiful day!

Fun Before Winter Hits.. London, Ontario Creative Photography

A friend of mine and fellow photographer came out with me to get this fun shot while we still have some nice weather! I seen a photo with floating books online about a year ago and have wanted to do something similar ever since.. finally managed to get one in.

Amanda & Gary | Belleville, Ontario Wedding Photography

I met Amanda in College a few years ago and was honoured when she asked me to photograph her wedding this year.  From the dress to decorations to wonderful evening light it was all around beautiful and a pleasure to photograph.  I am so glad we kept in touch, Amanda and Gary you are great people and an even greater couple. Wishing the two of you all the best in the years to come!


It is always good to look back and see how far you’ve grown from when you started. These shots are from the very first wedding I did. It was after I started doing regular sessions and worked up the courage to shoot a wedding. I shot my very first wedding for $100 and grew from there. I haven’t looked back at old photos for so long, it is pretty neat to see how your style has changed and grown 🙂 It’s so important to learn, learn, learn. Teach yourself or don’t be afraid to ask people or research things that can improve your shooting, you won’t regret it!





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